Clarkson Hyde Global, is run by a board of four members, revolving on an annual basis from July 1st to June 30th, and supported by the head office team: Graham Speck as member of the board, Carly Haines as member co-ordinator and Claire Berg as marketing manager.

One of the board's main functions is in developing, maintaining and monitoring quality control standards to ensure our clients are continually receiving the highest possible levels of service. There is strict entrance criteria for new members, assessing their technical capabilities and approach to client service, which are regularly evaluated by our internal client and member feedback processes.

A further important role of the board is to help grow the network, driving initiatives to expand the organization - both in terms of member countries represented and in the breadth of service offering. They are always looking at what can be done to add value to the members' offering, to in turn enhance our clients' businesses.

The board consists of the President, the Immediate Past President (from the previous year), the Incoming President (President for the future year) and the Standing Board Member from the UK